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Find the Best Place to Travel in July

July sees the sun basking down on some of the most beautiful spots in the northern hemisphere, making this the perfect time of year to explore the great outdoors. From majestic mountains to castles, lakes and tors, if you’re thinking about the best place to travel in July, we’ve selected some outstanding natural beauty spots for a stylish getaway.

Canada’s magnificent landscapes are resplendent in the summer sun, making this one of the best places to visit in July. From the mighty Niagara Falls and Rocky Mountains to the cosmopolitan cities of Quebec and Vancouver. Over in Scandinavia, another country of outstanding natural beauty, Sweden shines in July. Famous for its forests, lakes, and sustainable, innovative cities. And if you’re looking for lush landscapes and authentic spirit, Ireland also makes the list of great July vacation destinations.


If you’re thinking about when to travel to Canada, then July is ideal. Basking in sunshine and bursting with colour, the Canadian Rockies are simply sublime. The Glacier National Park glistens, landscapes bloom and cities come alive with the summer vibe, making Canada one of the best countries to visit in July.

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Awesome views


Long daylight hours and warm temperatures make July the perfect month if you’re thinking about when to travel to Sweden. You can pack so much into each day in this Scandinavian paradise. Whether exploring galleries and dining in Stockholm or enjoying the forests and lakes, it’s even more special with the sun on your back.

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A foodie holiday


Bursting with energy and history all year round, in July the Emerald Isle is positively sparkling.  A sunny and comparatively dry month to visit, discover the vibrant capital Dublin, explore castles and cliffs and enjoy the best of Irish hospitality. If you’re wondering when to travel to Ireland, July is ideal.

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Lush landscapes