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The Benefits of Having an Insight Travel Director

Trust in your Insight Travel Director to look after you completely on your adventure. Expertly trained, enthusiastic and experienced, your Insight Travel Director can personalize your journey with recommendations for your free time, while also making sure that everything is hassle-free wherever you go.

Your Travel Director Is...

  1. Your Friend Overseas

    Always on hand with a recommendation and a smile, enhancing your holiday from morning until night.

  2. Passionate and Knowledgeable

    They smooth the way with introductions and in-depth information about the destination.

  3. Expertly Trained

    By Insight Vacations, through an annual professional development programme to keep up to date with our high standards.

  4. A Master of Logistics

    Taking care of every little detail behind the scenes, from seamless hotel check-ins to priority access at landmark sites.

  5. Fluent in the local language

    Ensuring that nothing is lost in translation and even teaching you some of the local lingo.

travel director speaking with guests

Meet Local Experts

Gain a meaningful understanding of your destination when you introduce you to Local Experts. Historians, artisans, chefs and other local experts who reside in the region will share their stories, traditions and insights, bringing the places you visit to life. Nothing compares to hearing and seeing first hand from locals who are passionate about their way of life and keen to share it with others.

Surprises That Will Make Your Trip Unforgettable

Delivered at the right moment, your Travel Director will find opportunities to incorporate Insight Flourishes that enhance your journey like a local treat from their favourite bakery, or a cool glass of limoncello after touring local historic sites.

travel director speaking with guests
travel director speaking with guests

Optional Experiences & Local Recommendations

Personalize your trip with Optional Experiences. Available to enjoy during your free time, you can sign up for these experiences through your Travel Director. You can also get Local Recommendations on plenty of other activities, such as shopping and dining, from your Travel Director, who will even take care of the arrangements for you.

Get to Know Our Travel Directors

Well-being Director

Insight Vacations journeys now include a specially trained and dedicated Well-Being Director to provide additional support and assistance during your travels.

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Well-being Director

We have worked closely with the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) to guide and co-create their “New Normal Safe and Seamless Traveler Journey” global protocols.

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