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What does the tour cost include?

The prices listed in our brochure and website cover all hotel accommodations, all applicable sightseeing and admissions as per the itinerary, motor coach, cruise or rail transportation, services of a professional Insight Travel Director, all meals as shown in the itinerary and luggage handling. All tips have been included for services on trip by dining-room staff, chambermaids and porters at hotels, airports, docks and train stations.

What is the difference between a definite departure and a departure that is not marked definite?

A definite departure has reached the minimum number of guests for the tour to operate. If a tour and departure date you are interested in is not yet definite, do not let this discourage you from booking. The more paid guests we receive, the odds of the tour operating increase.

In the slim case that we happen to withdraw a tour you are booked on due to a lack of numbers, you are entitled to a full refund on the funds already paid towards Insight Vacations or if flexible with your time, we can move you onto another departure.

When do tours become designated definite?

As a rule of thumb, a tour becomes a DEFINITE departure once we have sold approximately half of the maximum capacity of a specific departure. On average because a sold-out Insight Vacations accommodates 40 guests, a tour is designated definite at the 20 guest mark.

What does it mean if a departure says Call Us. And what does On Request mean?

A departure listed as Call Us on the website is almost full. In this scenario, one of our Travel Experts will need to confirm if the tour is still available.

If you select a departure and then receive a message saying that the departure is On Request, this means availability is limited. You will still be able to complete your booking request but your place won't be confirmed immediately. General tour requests usually take 24 – 72 hours to get confirmation. Your place on an On Request tour will likely be confirmed.

If you have selected additional hotel nights and the hotel is listed as On Request, the time to confirm this can vary. We aim to get requests answered in 24 – 72 hours.

Can I change my date and/or trip at any time?

Insight Vacations guests can book with confidence. You're free to change your travel plans up until your final payment is due. If you are within the cancellation period, additional charges will apply.

All changes are subject to differences in rates and availability. This policy only applies to your Insight Vacations tour, airlines will have different policies and costs.

Please note: additional amendment fees may be incurred. For full details, please see our Booking Conditions page.

What happens if I can’t go on my tour?

For bookings made through a Travel Agent, please contact the agent if you're unable to travel.

If you booked directly with Insight Vacations, please Contact Us.

For trips departing within 24 hours, please call us using the phone number on the website.


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Can I add extra hotel nights before or after my tour?

Yes, you can book extra hotel nights through Insight Vacations. Many guests like to give themselves a little extra time in a destination before or after their trip.

If you haven't booked your tour yet
Additional hotel nights can be added to your booking during the online booking process, simply select your departure date and follow the booking steps.

If you are booking through a Travel Agent, they can add your extra hotel nights during the booking process too.

If you have already booked your trip
Don't worry, you can still add extra hotel nights even if you've already booked.

If you've booked through a Travel Agent, please reach out to them and they will add the extra nights to your reservation.

If you've booked directly through Insight Vacations, you can add additional hotel nights through the MyInsight portal. Travel Agent Partners, please log in to TAP where you can add these. Alternatively, please Contact Us and we will be happy to add these extra nights for you.

Please note: All hotels are subject to availability.

If I book the same hotel before or after my tour, will I be in the same room as my tour?

The hotel will do their best to keep you in the same room, however this can't be guaranteed. Should you need to change rooms, the hotel will typically let you know at the time of check in.

Is breakfast included when I book extra nights before or after my tour?

This will vary depending on the hotel.

When you receive your travel documents on the MyInsight portal, your hotel booking will show whether breakfast is included.


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How do I register for MyInsight?

Registration for your tour can be completed by visiting MyInsight. It only takes a few minutes and you will be asked to enter your contact details such as an email address, a mobile phone number, and the contact details of a nominated person we can call in the event of an emergency. We also invite you to share details of any specific dietary requirements and travel preferences, find all your itinerary details, be able to download your e-documents, and meet your Travel Director on-line.


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Insurance/Travel Protection

Please procure Travel Insurance before travelling. This will protect your whole travelling and will give you peace of mind. We suggest that your insurance covers the following:

  • Cancellation or curtailment of your vacation due to medical or other reasons
  • Loss or damage to your property and baggage
  • Loss of cash, credit cards etc
  • Medical costs and personal accidents


Certain countries require visitors to have valid medical insurance on entry and in Europe, you may find that doctor's surgeries, dentists and hospitals often require payment in cash prior to providing services. Whilst rare, medical evacuation can be exceptionally expensive.


Do remember to bring a copy of your policy, contact phone numbers and details of how to claim.


Should you choose to travel on Insight Vacations without the required travel insurance, you will full responsibility for all expenses (trip interruption, trip delay, medical expenses, quarantine expenses and emergency evacuation/repatriation) that may arise while travelling with us.

Border crossing, Visa requirements and Passports

Please make sure that your passport and the passport of anyone travelling with you are valid for at least 6 months.


You will likely need a visa. We recommend that you check your government’s travel advice website for up-to-date information to see what is required but this information can also be found at the country’s embassy or consulate. Check your itinerary carefully and remember that requirements vary based on passport place of issue and the process can take time. Please note that countries will likely require individual visas. It is also important to be aware that with some itineraries you may travel through a country without making an overnight stop, but will still require a visa to enter/exit.

Please ensure that you carry proper identification with you at all times as entry documents and passports will be required at border crossings. Usually crossing borders is a very straightforward process that is managed by your travel director, however, be advised that you may be required to open luggage and answer simple questions regarding the length of your stay, purpose of travel etc.

When will I receive my documents?

All TTC brands participating in this initiative moved entirely to e-documents. You can view access e-documents at MyInsight. Documents will no longer be mailed.

Departure documents are usually released 21 days prior to departure, sometimes sooner.

Why is it important that I give my name as it appears on my passport when booking air?

Due to increased travel security around the world, it is now more important than ever that your airline ticket match your first and last name exactly as it reads on your passport. Additionally, any changes to your air booking, which include spelling, could be subject to a change fee, penalties or cancellation.


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Will I need any vaccinations?

This varies from destination to destination and will depend on your personal health circumstances. Please speak to your Travel Agent or doctor to find out if vaccinations are required.

What if I have mobility issues?

Please notify Insight Vacations of any disability requiring special assistance prior to travelling. We will try our best to accommodate you throughout the tour and will inform the hotels.

What if I have medical needs?

You will need to pack a plentiful supply of any medication that you may need while on vacation. All prescriptions should be filled up-to-date and in their original packaging. Always pack prescriptions in your carry-on bag with copies of your prescription paperwork as your checked luggage may not always be easily accessible.
We recommend that you research the rules around taking your medication to your destination country and what proof of treatment you’re expected to bring with you. For example, you can avoid any issues at airport customs in Spain by having your prescription drugs and doctor’s letter readily available. However, not all European countries have the same regulations.
Every day over-the-counter medicines such as paracetamol are not carried on the coach. Your Travel Director will be able to advise you where to purchase items if needed.

What if I have food allergies?

Please advise us of any dietary requirements by completing registration on MyInsight. We will  make arrangements with our suppliers where possible.
You will also need to talk to your Travel Director at the beginning of your tour and they will do their utmost to arrange an alternative menu at the hotels and restaurants.


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Who travels with Insight Vacations?

All our guests share a passion for travel, fun, adventure and discovery. Ages range from young to mature with an average of mid-50s, travelling either solo, as couples, with families or with friends and join us from all over the world! Insight Vacations plays host to over 100,000 guests every year and has offices in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and the UK.
The company has also appointed specialist agents in Argentina, Brazil, Mauritius, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan and China. It is therefore quite typical to find many different nationalities on any one trip and discover people from halfway across the world who you only met yesterday will fast become friends.

What are my options as a solo traveller?

Travelling solo with Insight Vacations gives you the freedom that comes with travelling alone, plus the security and camaraderie of a small group.

You have two accommodation options as a solo traveller. Either choose to be matched with a same sex partner for a room share - at no extra cost. Or choose a room of your own with a reduced or even free private room upgrade on select tours.

Find out more about our Solo Travel Options.

Where can I find solo pricing?

The price displayed on our tour pages is for a twin room. To check the solo price for a tour, select Continue on the departure of your choice and view the price and availability of solo rooms in the next step.

Once you've selected your trip and departure date, select 'Continue' to select your room type and check pricing/availability.

If you see the message that the room is 'on request', this means the departure has limited single-room availability. In this instance, we will need to request a single allocation.

Please Contact Us if you need any further assistance.

If you're a Travel Agent, you can see all pricing and availability in our Travel Agent Portal (TAP).

Can I book a triple room?

Triple room bookings are available, suitable for 2 adults and 1 child. When booking your trip, we define a child as somebody aged 17 or under. A triple room is not recommended for 3 adults, as the third bed is often a rollaway, which may not be comfortable for an adult. A triple bed is the same size as a twin-bedded room.

If you are travelling as a group of three, we strongly advise booking the single occupancy or twin share room option for the third guest.

Find out more about solo travel options.

How much luggage can I bring?

Travelling with Insight Vacations entitles each guest to travel with one suitcase not exceeding 23kg (50lbs) in weight, with dimensions not exceeding 77.5cm (30.5in) x 56cm (22in) x 32cm (12.5in). Guests may also bring one item of hand luggage that is small and light enough to be carried onto the coach and fit underneath the seat, or in the small overhead compartment above. (Luggage with adjustable handles and wheels will not fit).

Please test the weight of your baggage prior to travel. You should be able to lift and comfortably transport it for short distances.
Baggage allowances vary from airline to airline and you should check with your chosen carrier for details prior to travel.

Find out more about your luggage allowance.

Can I bring my small rolling suitcase that I can bring on the airplane with me on the coach?

Guests may bring one item of hand luggage that is light enough to be carried onto the coach and small enough to fit underneath the seat, or in the small overhead compartment above. Unfortunately, luggage with adjustable handles and wheels will not fit.

What should I pack?

We suggest that you pack layers of clothing that can be added or removed as necessary.
Pack a comfortable pair of flat shoes/trainers for walking. You will be visiting cities and sites with cobbled streets and uneven terrain.
Pack a light waterproof jacket. As the weather is changeable, you don’t want to be caught out by the rain and a lightweight waterproof is an excellent solution which won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.
Pack a sun hat during the summer months. Many European cities are hot during the summer and shade may not be readily available.
Pack a light scarf and at least 1 skirt/trousers which stop below the knee. Some excursions will take you to Cathedrals or other religious locations where more modest attire, covering the shoulders to below the knees, is appropriate for both men and women. A scarf applied across the shoulders is perfectly acceptable.
Pack a smart outfit. You may wish to bring a dressier outfit for visits to the cabaret, theatre or an elegant restaurant. Smart casual clothes are usually acceptable attire for other evening activities.
Other useful items that you may wish to pack can include:
  • A travel iron if you prefer clothes to be pressed
  • Wash cloth and carry bag
  • Travel adaptor plug
  • A copy of your hotel contact list so should your luggage be mislaid by your airline you can be reunited with it easily
  • We would also suggest that a change of clothes and essential travel toiletries should be packed in your hand luggage for the same reason
  • A photograph of your luggage contents in case of loss
  • Scented soap, fabric softener sheets or scented sachets can be packed to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean throughout your tour

Is porterage included?

Porterage is included for each guest’s suitcase throughout the tour (one item per person) which means that you only have to bring your hand luggage on and off the coach each day. The porters will deliver all suitcases to the coach where the Travel Director will check them and the driver load them into the baggage compartment. Your Travel Director will provide a blue luggage tag which we advise you to use as this assists with identification and security.
On arrival at each hotel, suitcases will be delivered to your rooms by the hotel porters. We suggest that you may wish to pack toiletries and any personal items you may want immediately on arrival in your hand baggage where they are instantly available.

How much travel money should I bring?

When planning how much money to bring we suggest that you consider such things as spending money for meals that are not included e.g. lunches and beverages, alcoholic drinks etc. Any Optional Experiences/sightseeing tours that you may wish to purchase, as well as shopping, gratuities and any incidentals such as laundry or dry cleaning and so on.

If you plan to purchase local currency before you travel we suggest that you request notes of smaller denominations as many local stores and restaurants may not be willing to accept the higher ones. For example, if purchasing Euros, request denominations of €50, €20 and €10.

If you do not want to travel with lots of money on you, there are plenty of ATMs throughout Europe. You will be charged in local currency by the vendor and your credit card company will convert the charges based on the exchange rate that they implement. A fee is charged for this. Visa, American Express or MasterCard are widely accepted in most shops and restaurants.

To make your trip as smooth as possible, please inform your bank prior to your departure. This ensures that your provider will not deny payment because they think the transaction could be fraudulent. We also recommend that you have an overseas contact number for your bank and/or credit card company with you if you need their assistance when travelling.

Tipping While Travelling

Tipping is an important thing to think about when preparing your travel money. Tipping etiquette varies by country, culture, and situation. It is generally a gesture that shows appreciation for the quality of service that you received.

When travelling with Insight Vacations we have pre-paid certain tips and gratuities for you. Baggage handling at hotels, service charges and tips for hotel wait staff (for included meals) will be taken care of by your Travel Director. There are however a few instances where individual tipping is welcome.

For some tours, you’ll have the option to pre-pay additional gratuities when booking your tour.


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What do I need to know about border crossings, visa requirements and passports?

Information about border crossings and visa requirements varies by destination. Please check the destination you're visiting below for more information:

Europe trips
Each guest must ensure that their passport is valid for at least six months beyond the conclusion of their trip and that they have acquired all necessary visas and permits. Multiple-entry visas may be required if you are entering a country more than once on your holiday.

Guests are advised that only the countries you plan to visit can provide up-to-date information about their specific visa requirements. Guests should contact the nearest embassy or consulate of the countries they plan to visit well in advance of travel. Please check your itinerary carefully. Remember that requirements vary based on a passport's place of issue and that the process can take time.

Check that multi-entry visas have the correct entry dates and destinations before you travel. Please be aware that with some itineraries, you may travel through a country without making an overnight stop. If this happens on your itinerary, you will still need a visa to enter/exit the country.

Please ensure that you always carry proper identification with you, as border crossings will need to see your entry documents and passports. Usually crossing borders is a very straightforward process that is managed by your Travel Director. However, be advised that you may be required to open your luggage and answer simple questions about the length of your stay, purpose of travel, etc.

Rest of the World trips
Each guest must ensure that their passport is valid for at least six months beyond the conclusion of their trip and that they have acquired all necessary visas and permits. You are responsible for obtaining all necessary visas before the departure of your guided holiday. Depending on your nationality, you may need visas to enter certain countries included on your trip. Please note that obtaining visas can take up to six weeks before your departure. It is strongly advised that you consult your Travel Agent (if applicable) and the local Consulate or Embassy of the country you are visiting well in advance to determine which visas they require and how to obtain them.

Are flights included in the tour price?

No, flights are not included in the price of your tour. However, you can add flights to your tour through Insight Vacations, subject to availability. To add flights, first find the tour you wish to travel on, select your departure date and press ‘Continue’.

Can I book flights through Insight Vacations?

Yes. Flights are not included in the trip price but you can add flights during the booking process. Select ‘Continue’ on your preferred departure on the tour page and add flights during the online booking process. Or, if using a travel agent, ask them to book flights through Insight Vacations as part of your booking.

Airport check-in

Generally, check-in times require guests to arrive at the airport a minimum of two hours before a domestic flight and three hours for international flights. This allows you plenty of time to check in and pass through security to the boarding area. Online check-in means you can save time and fuss at the airport by checking in for your flight via the website prior to your arrival at the airport.
Please allow enough time to get to your flight - be aware that during busy travel periods or at airports with heightened security you may experience longer queues. Boarding usually starts 30-45 minutes before departure and the gate generally closes 20 minutes prior to departure. Check with your airline to see what time check-in counters open.

Airline connections

Travelling internationally may require you to change planes in major airports and your airline will provide you with details of the minimum connection time required to transfer from one gate to another at each specific airport. When checking in for your flight ensure you check in to your final destination so you do not need to claim luggage and re-check it during flight connections.

Will I need to book transfers?

Most Insight Vacations guests benefit from complimentary arrival and departure transfers by shuttle coach on the arrival and departure day of their guided holiday. Times are specified on the individual itinerary pages. If your flight times do not coincide with the shuttle coach transfer timings you may choose to book and purchase a transfer.

In addition, guests who arrive before or leave after the scheduled holiday may also book a transfer through Insight Vacations providing they also purchase the additional pre- and/or post- holiday hotel night(s).

Insight Vacations provides complimentary airport transfers in the Eastern Mediterranean and Latin America region at any time on the first and last day of the vacation or on other days in conjunction with pre-and / or post-trip accommodation booked through Insight Vacations. Flight times must be provided to Insight Vacations at least twenty-one days before flight departure in the case of Eastern Mediterranean trips and fifty days for Latin America.

You will find specific joining instructions as to where you will locate an Airport Host or Travel Director at the scheduled transfer times in your travel documents.

Note Exception: When travelling to London, transfers are chargeable from London Heathrow and London Gatwick Airport to your Insight hotel.

Airport Transfers for North America
Guests make their own arrangements for arrival transfers, and departure transfers unless the last day is a travel day ending with an airport drop (see itinerary for airport arrival times). Insight Vacations offers the option to purchase private transfers for selected cities. Guests may check at the time of booking if those are offered for the selected itinerary. Otherwise, guests will be provided local transfer options after booking so they can make their own arrangements.
Guests arriving before or leaving after the scheduled itinerary day may choose to purchase a private transfer through Insight Vacations provided that they also purchase the additional pre- and post-trip hotel night(s) from Insight Vacations. When booking extra night(s) accommodations, guests will have the opportunity to book the relevant transfer service(s).

If my flights were booked through Insight Vacations and the flight times change, do I need to do anything?

No. If your flights were booked through Insight Vacations then we will notify you or your Travel Agent of any schedule changes. Sometimes the airline will notify you at the same time they notify us. Rest assured, we will contact you if required.

If I booked my own flights and the flight times change, what will happen to my airport transfers?

Complimentary arrival and departure transfers are available on most Insight Vacations tours, but not all of them.

If you've booked your flights independently and provided us with flight details for an airport transfer, please Contact Us to make us aware of the change.

Please ensure you have received a confirmation from us reconfirming your transfers, particularly if your departure is soon.

The ability to amend transfers may vary across destinations. We will do our best to make any adjustments, however, if we are unable to confirm please make your own way to the start hotel on Day 1 of your tour.

If flights are booked with Insight Vacations, are my airline seats guaranteed?

Airline seats are not guaranteed.

Some airlines will allow us to pre request seats in advance, where others will offer advance purchase seating once airline tickets are issued. Most airlines will allow guests to allocate seats at time of check in for flight(s). All seating availability and allocation is subject to the airlines terms and conditions. 


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Travelling with children

At Insight Vacations, our younger guests are just as important as our older ones, so we’ve taken care to craft action-packed itineraries that’ll impress children aged five years or older to travel on our guided vacations. All children and young people under eighteen years old must however be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their supervision and welfare.
Some countries have established practices to prevent international abductions of children and because of this, it is recommended that you secure a “Child Travel Consent” prior to departure if you are travelling with a minor who is under eighteen years of age. This documents that a minor has permission from his or her parent(s) or guardian(s) to travel and may be requested by authorities and officials when a child is travelling internationally:
  • With one parent or guardian
  • Without a parent
  • Alone
  • With an adult who is not a parent or guardian
If the travelling parent has sole custody, he or she will require a notarised true copy of a court order or equivalent proving custody. If both parents have custody, or the non-travelling parent has custody, the travelling parent will need notarised consent from the non-travelling parent. We recommend that you contact relevant consulates and airlines for additional information and guidance.


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How do I use my past guest discount?

If you've previously toured with us or one of our TTC Family of brands (including Luxury Gold, Trafalgar and Costsaver) then you are automatically a member of our Global Tour Rewards program and entitled to a 5% discount on your next trip.

This discount will be applied during the booking process. Simply select your preferred departure and Continue. You will be asked to provide details of your previous trips with Insight Vacations or another TTC brand, including the trip name and month and year of travel. If you don't have this information available then please Contact Us.

I’ve signed up to your newsletter, how do I use my travel credit?

When you sign up to our newsletter you'll receive a special code to claim your travel credit. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Is there a discount for group bookings?

We offer a range of benefits and discounts when you book for a group of 9+ with Insight Vacations. For more information, please see our Groups on Set Departures page.


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Can I book a tour for my group?

We offer a range of benefits and discounts when you book for a group of 9+ with Insight Vacations. You can join one of our set departures, or request a bespoke itinerary designed for your group. Find out more about our Groups on Set Departures and Custom Private Travel.


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How can I make a payment towards my booking?

How you make your payment depends on how you booked your trip.

If you booked with a Travel Agent, you will need to contact your agent and make payments through them.

If you booked directly with us, you can pay via our website by signing up/logging into MyInsight. You'll just need your name and booking reference (for example B123456).

Alternatively, you can contact us via chat or our Contact Us page and we will send you a one-time secure payment link to make a payment. If needed our reservations team is available to take payment over the phone. Please note that we are experiencing higher-than-normal wait times.

If you are a Travel Agent, you can also make payments directly in our system using our Travel Agent Portal (TAP). You can also view invoices within TAP.

What payment methods can I use?

We accept credit/debit card payments (Visa, MasterCard) and PayPal.

Please see our booking conditions for more information.

How much are your deposits and when is full payment due? Is the trip deposit refundable once I have paid?

Our trip deposit amount and full payment due date depends on your trip level.

For bookings made after 15 August 2023 please see Booking Conditions and Tour Deposit Levels.

Or for bookings made before 15 August please see these Booking Conditions and Tour Deposit Levels.

Once you have placed a deposit on a vacation, your deposit amount is non-refundable. However, we appreciate that plans can change, and we do offer our deposit protection. Our deposit protection allows you to use your base deposit towards a future vacation within the next 5 years. If you wish to do this, please contact us.

How do I gift my Travel Credits to somebody?

If you would like to give someone your travel credit then please contact us. Our travel experts will need the following details:

  • Your name
  • Original booking number
  • Name of the new guest
  • New booking number

We will then reach out to verify your request and transfer the travel credits as requested.


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Contact us

Please visit our Contact Us page to find out how you can get in touch.

Unfortunately, due to extremely high call volumes, our call wait times are currently longer than usual. You can still search and book a trip online and manage your booking via our MyInsight service.